All times are Alaska Standard Time (AST)

(For reference: 12PM EST = 8AM AST)

*Please note: This schedule will be updated and edited as the planning for the event evolves.  Please check back here for updates on the day of the broadcast.

July 5
10:00 AM AST: Arctic Fire 2013 Recap and Clue Reveals.
12:00 PM: The Hoard Panel Discussion w/ Entire Group
2:00 PM: Peter Johnsson: "The Mother's Dagger"
4:00 PM: Petr Florianek: The Material Culture of the Spear Danes
July 6
10:00 AM: Jake Powning: Hilting a giant's sword, reconstructing the Lejre hilt fragment 
12:00 PM: Owen Bush: "Undertow," The Giant's Sword
2:00 PM: Dave Stephens: "Hrunting, The Sword that Failed."
4:00 PM: J. Arthur Loose: "THe Lyre of Lejre."
July 7
10:00 AM: Owen Bush: Forging the Pattern of Undertow
12:00 PM: Dave Stephens: Multi-Bar Pattern Welding Tips and Tricks
2:00 PM: Jake Powning: Carving Waxes for Lost Wax Casting
4:00 PM: Petr Florianek: Pressblech Techniques
July 8
10:00 AM: Peter Johnsson: Antler Forming with HEat and Steam
12:00 PM: Petr Florianek: Carving Antler with Rotary Tools
2:00 PM: J. Arthur Loose: Gilding Techniques
4:00 PM: Closing Discussion, Q&A from Internet