The Truth

Today, when you walk into a book store, there are neatly labelled sections that delineate "Fiction" from "Non-Fiction." This was not always the case in the history of story telling.  Beowulf is a story that incorporates real historic figures, places, and deeds with myth, legend, and the hyperbole of the heroic tale told over horns of mead by a roaring fire.

This project has been developed in the spirit of the poem, mixing fact with fiction into a heady brew. Most names and places are fictional, and in those cases where a real place or a historical person is mentioned it is not done with fraudulent intent, but rather to amuse.

Remember, Trolls are creatures of deceit. They spin illusions and lies to ensnare their victims. We are entering the domain of the Troll in this project.  All will not be as it seems. 

Let's tell a story.

--The Arctic Fire Swordsmiths